CL1- CL20 Italian Cotton/Lycra Wovens from Ratti

High quality, washable, durable, soft

$16.99yd, 58" wide

CL 21 +Scroll down to see new arrivals of other Italian cotton/lycra wovens

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CL4                                                                      CL5                                                                           CL6  


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New Arrivals of Italian Cotton/Lycra Wovens

Heavier weights suitable for pants, dresses, jackets, skirts & home dec



CL24                                    CL25                                     CL26




Lighter Weight Cotton & Lycra Wovens

Fabulous for dresses, skirts & tops.



CL35                                     CL36                                     CL37


CL38                                                      CL40



Heavier Weight Cotton/Rayon/Lycra Sateen $16.99 yd/54"wide