Spring/Summer Collection

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100% Cotton $12.99 yd/60" wide

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Pima Cotton Prints $12.99 yd






A1. Cotton Lawn $14.99 yd/54" wide          A2. Cotton Lawn  $14.99 yd/54" wide        A3. Cotton Lawn $14.99 yd/54" wide


A4. Cotton Lawn $16.99 yd/54" wide        A5. Cotton Lawn $12.99 yd/53" wide     A6. Cotton Lawn $14.99 yd 54" wide


A7. Cotton Lawn $14.99 yd 54" wide           Cotton Lawn Solids-Click here to see colors. Most $6.99 yd/45"wide


A8. Cotton Eyelet $18.99 yd/56" wide       A9. Cotton Eyelet $18.99 yd/56" wide


B2, B3 & B4. Silk & Cotton Lawn $28.99 yd/54" wide


B5. Silk/Cotton lawn $22.99 yd 45" wide. B6. Silk/Cotton Lawn $28.99 yd 54" wide  B7. Silk/Cotton Lawn $22.99 yd 45" wide


B8 & B9. Silk/Cotton Lawn $22.99 yd/45"wide


C1.Tana Cotton Lawn $12. 99 yd/36"   C2.Tana Cotton Lawn $12.99 yd/36"   


   D3. Cotton $12.99 yd/45" wide             E1. Italian Cotton Shirting $9.99 yd/60" wide


E2. Cotton Twill $14.99 yd/58" wide

F1, F2 & F3. Cotton Sateen $18.99 yd/56" wide        


F4. Cotton Sateen $16.99 yd 54" wide

F5. Cotton Sateen $18.99 yd/56" wide     Novelty weave $16.99 yd, 54" wide


G1. Cotton Canvas $18.99 yd/58" wide     CT. Cotton textured $18.99 yd 56" wide Similar design available in all black.


S1. Taffeta $28.99 yd/54" wide                 S2. Silk Twill $28.99  yd/54" wide              S3. Silk Twill $28.99 yd/54" wide


S4. Silk Twill $22.99 yd/45" wide             S5. Silk Cloque $28.99 yd/54" wide          S6. Silk Charmeuse $28.99 yd/54" wide


S8. Silk Charmeuse $28.99 yd/54" wide    S9. Silk Charmeuse $22.99 yd/45" wide      



S.16, S17. Silk Charmeuse $22.99 yd/45" wide


S18. Silk Shantung Weave $22.99yd/45"    S19. Lightweight Silk $22.99 yd/45" wide  S20. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99 yd/45" wide


S21. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99yd/45"      S22. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99yd/45"     S23. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99yd/45" wide


S24. Silk $22.99 yd/45"                          S25. Silk $22.99 yd/45" wide                 S26. Silk Crepe de Chine$22.99 yd/45" wide


S27. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99 yd/45" wide


S29. Silk Jacquard Cde C $22.99 yd/45"   S30. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99yd/54"      S31. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99 yd/54" wide


S32. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99 yd/45"    S33. Silk Crepe de Chine $28.99yd/54"     S34. Silk Charmeuse $28.99 yd/54" wide


Silk Crepe de Chine Solids $18.99 yd/45" wide

Silk Charmeuse Solids $22.99 yd/45" wide

S35. Silk Crepe de Chine $28.99 yd/54"     S36. Silk Crepe de Chine $22.99yd/45      S37. Silk Double Georgette $28.99 yd/54" wide


S38. Silk Dbl Georgette $28.99 yd/54"    S39. Silk Dbl Georgette $22.99 yd/45" wide


S40. Silk Dbl Georgette $22.99 yd/45"        S41. Silk Dbl Georgette $22.99 yd/45"       S42. Silk Lightweight $22.99 yd/ 45" wide


S43.  Lightweight Silk $22.99 yd/45"          S44. Lightweight Silk $28.99yd/54"            S45. Silk Mouseline $28.99 yd/54" wide


S46. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide         S47. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide         S48. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide


S49. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide         S50. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide     S51. Silk Chiffon $28.99yd/54"wide    


S52. Silk & Cotton Lawn $28.99 yd/54"     S53. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide         S54. Silk Chiffon $22.99 yd/ 45" wide


S55. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide        S56. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide          S57. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide


S58. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide         S59. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide      S60. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide


S61. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide        S62. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide      S63. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide


S64. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide       S65. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide     S66. Silk Chiffon $28.99 yd/54" wide


S67. Silk Chiffon $22.99 yd/45 " wide

Chinese Brocades $15.99 yd/29" wide & Silk Brocades $24.99 yd/42" wide

Find inspiration for Spring and Summer in these bright yellow silks.



Soft Mauve, Pastel Pink and the romantic look


  Dusty Rose, Coral and Blues


   Mint and Lime Green


Silk Shantung



     Silk Taffeta, Sequin Cotton, Silk Organza, Silk Satin



     Green and black cottons that remind me of fresh cut grass


     Lighter weight cotton lawns in shades of green and black/white.


     Cool and crisp white cottons with fresh cut greens.



     Stunning Tangerine Cottons


     Apple Reds and Patriotic Blues in Cottons


     Blue and pink cottons to remind you of the tropics.


      Do you remember the color of Tang? 



     Liberty of London Cottons with superfine pima cotton checks.  Our Liberty cottons are only $16.99yd!


    Liberty of London Cottons with superfine pima cotton checks.  Our Liberty cotton twills are only $16.99yd!