4 Way Stretch Knits (Spandex Quality) suitable for bathing suits, skirts, dresses, tops, pants and all forms of activewear.

Prints $14.99 yd/ 60" wide- Stripes are $12.99 yd /72" wide

K1                                                      K2                                                      K3


K4                                                      K5                                                      K6


K7                                                         K9


K10                                                                           K12


K13                                                                       K14                                                                      K15


   K17                                                                      K18


K19                                                                       K20                                                                      K21


K22                                                                       K23                                                                      K24


4 Way Stretch Cotton & Lycra Knits that are perfect for tops, skirts, dresses, shorts and activewear.

$12.99 yd 58/60" wide- Stripes are 72" wide

K25                                                                       K26                                                                      K27



K28                                                                       K28                                                                       K30


K31                                                                        K32                                                                    



Viscose Knit Solids from Helmut Lang $9.99 yd/60"wide (the actual colors are less bright than what appears here)